Friday, January 1, 2010

1st week down...Happy New Year

It is 1am Jan. 1 2010 and I have decided to start my New Year's Resolution now. I decided I would keep a blog about my first year being G-Free.

Wednesday December 24 2009, I was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease. I found out while sitting in the parking lot of an Italian restaurant...ironic? My doctor called to me to let me know the results of my blood work. The two weeks prior to the fateful day, I had been sick and out of work for the majority of the time. I had horrible pains in my stomach and was unable to eat. I forced myself to eat dry toast and at times I was able to eat some macaroni (soon I will find out that was a horrible idea). I ended up visiting 5 doctors 7 times during those two weeks. I was diagnosed with acid reflux, gallstones, and appendicitis. My family simply thought I was stressed and depressed, which I guess I was seeing that I was sick and did not know what was happening. But finally, thanks to some amazing doctors I had a diagnoses.

So back to the story. I found out and was devastated. I actually yelled at my doctor in disbelief. I mean, who wants to be told that everything you love is being taken away from you...ok I admit it was a little over dramatic but that is how I felt at the time. I cried, complained, and made a list of everything I could never eat again. Oh and did I mention that my loving sister was sitting right beside me laughing at the thought of me eating salsa and drinking wine for the rest of my life. (At that point we decided those were the only two things I could ever taste again.) But I made the decision to start right then and there with my new life.

Of course this week has been fairly hard. There has been a lot of crying and stressing about what I can and can't eat. But I already have much more energy and have laughed more in this week than I have a long time.

So I am going to end this post with a list of positive things about being G-Free this week.
1. Having my own separate set of food that my brother can't touch!
2. Sleeping better
3. When I have pain, I know why
4. Drinking wine with my family...Yay for wine being G-Free
5. Grocery of my favorite things
6. Spending lots of time with my family, especially my mom and aunt!
7. Chili's and Chic-fil-a are very accommodating...I will be back to eat there and you should too!
8. Finding an alternative to some of my favorite foods such as cupcakes, waffles, devil's food cake with cream cheese icing, and sausage balls.
9. Sunny Side Oyster Bar is G-Free...minus the saltines and beer of course
10. I am beginning to see a little bit of me come back to life!


Stephanie said...

I said you could only eat salsa "with a spoon"! At least we now know you can use a corn chip instead of a spoon :). And remember rum and tequila are also G-Free! We are also researching G-Free beer options :) Not all is lost! You will do great and the rest of us could probably stand to do this new lifestyle with you.

creative gal said...

I have several blogs on my blog (listed) that cook G-Free. I well know the feeling of both finally findiing out "an answer" but then having to deal with "the answer." I can tell you exactly where I was sitting, what I was wearing when I found out via a phone call I had Crohn's disease. It sucked. daily meds, yearly yucky tests, and some dietary changes. That was 4 years ago, and I have learned to adapt. You will do this- you can do this- and I will be praying for you along the way! Thanks for being willing to share your journey. Hugs!!

Corinne said...

It will be an interesting time for you, but I have my money on your being able to adapt and do well!

Bethie Pie said...

You are ONE strong girl. I know you can do this! I am waiting to see that sparkle...I have missed it.